Commercial secondary glazing



North London Secondary Glazing have grown steadily and we now pride ourselves as one of the number one companies for suppling & installing of commercial secondary glazing services in North London. Whether it is a major project, a small refurbishment, or a specialist application - we approach every enquiry with the same high standards, attention to detail and focus on customer service.





Our range of secondary glazing systems have been developed to the highest quality to ensure that they offer:



Condensation control

Save Money, long lasting

robust, trouble-free service

Thermal insulation

Noise reduction

Added security

Discreet, unobtrusive finish

Lower energy costs

100s finishes & styles




Secondary glazing thermal insulation properties



Thermal Insulation




Secondary glazing noise and sound insulation properties



Sound / Noise Insulation




Secondary glazing Security







Secondary glazing Security








Secondary Glazing Products


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Secondary glazing noise and sound insulation properties



Secondary glazing noise and sound insulation properties



Secondary glazing noise and sound insulation properties

The Products


We provide a full range of high quality, discreet aluminium secondary glazing which are available in any colour including special finishes. All of secondary glazing custom made so circular, semi-circular or curved-in-plan view with angled, curved, radius or arched heads are all possible.


  • Fixed units, lift-outs, hinged units & horizontal sliders
  • Standard, balanced & tilt-in vertical sliders
  • Heritage range for conservation, listed & historic buildings







Wherever there is a requirement for secondary glazing in the UK & Eire, we can meet it - if it can be done, we can do it - and we are often called upon to provide innovative, effective & economical solutions.


Our secondary windows are specified for:


  • thermal insulation
  • sound proofing windows
  • triple glazing
  • window restoration
  • security
  • condensation control



  • fire rating
  • food safety (food hygiene) general regulations 1995
  • listed building windows & conservation work
  • change of use
  • carbon reduction commitment orders
  • Energy Performance Certificates






Our clients and contracts vary enormously in both size and type, literally from one secondary window through to 100's of secondary windows and include:


  • religious premises of all faiths and denominations
  • charities and NGO's
  • housing associations
  • new construction and building projects
  • refurbishment projects both major and minor
  • hotels and leisure facilities
  • pubs, clubs and restaurants
  • recording, dance and music studios
  • schools, universities and other educational facilities
  • hospitals, care homes and other health facilities



  • museums and libraries
  • offices, shops, banks and shopping centres
  • police stations and law courts
  • MOD, civic, government and public buildings of all types
  • castles, palaces and cathedrals
  • private residences of all types
  • secure care facilities
  • industrial and manufacturing premises





Our Commitment to You


We are committed to designing and manufacturing the very best secondary glazing systems that are possible and to exceeding both your expectations and the industry norm.

Additionally, we always strive to provide the same things that we ourselves value - a fast, reliable, friendly service with honest advice and realistic prices.