Secondary glazing noise and sound insulation properties





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Secondary glazing noise and sound insulation properties



Secondary Glazing Products


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Heavy Duty Secondary Glazing



Our Vertical Sliding Secondary Glazing is ideal for providing thermal insulation and sound proofing for traditional wooden box sash windows, or any other windows that have horizontal bars. Panels slide up and down in the same way as vertical sliding sash windows and provide easy access to the existing window. When open they provide ventilation without interfering with curtains or blinds.


heavy duty glazing hinged heavy duty secondary glazing heavy duty vertical silders heavy duty glazing panels


Heavy Duty Vertical Sliding System


Heavy Duty Vertical Sliding Secondary Glazing System is suitable for traditional sash windows and is a vertical sliding unit offering access for ventilation and cleaning. It has a concealed fixings to provide a clean appearance and operates on a pre-tensioned Torso spring balances which fully support a sash window weight up to 65kg in all positions.






  • Multi point locking to meet stile
  • Pre-tensioned Torso spring balances fully support a sash weight up to 65kg in all positions
  • Anti-Jemmy features



  • Concealed fixings provide a clean appearance
  • Glazing options: 10mm to 12mm



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Heavy Duty Tilt-in Sash System


This sash system allows the panels to tilt-in to the room to facilitate cleaning and is particularly suited to treating traditional sash windows with offset meeting styles.






  • Adjustable spiral spring balances fully support a sash weight up to 20Kg in all positions
  • Slim 28mm meeting rail
  • Spring release catches allow sashes to tilt in
  • Glazing options: 4mm to 6.8mm



  • Stainless steel stay arms safely hold the sash in the open position
  • Friction brake mechanism prevents the sash sliding in the tilt position
  • Twin seals ensure high sealing efficiency
  • Concealed fixings provide clean appearance






Heavy Duty Horizontal Sliding System


Heavy Duty Horizontal Sliding System is suitable for treating large windows including Patio Doors.






  • Available with 2 or 3 sliding sashes
  • Sashes run on heavy duty stainless steel ball races
  • Moulded pull handles on white or black
  • Sashes readily removable for maintenance and cleaning



  • Twin brush seals ensure high sealing efficiency
  • 40mm wide interlock style
  • Frames may be linked with a colour matched aluminium transom/mullion section
  • Glazing options: 6mm to 12mm






Heavy Duty Hinged Casement System


This heavy duty hinged casement Secondary Glazing system is suitable for large windows and doors when glazed with sealed units. They are available as a single side hung, top hung or bottom hung casement, or a double side hung that provides unrestricted access to the outer door or window and a stable door format particularly suited to sash and case designs.






  • Clean flush lines
  • Single and double leaf forms
  • Bead options for heavier glass & sealed units
  • Concealed multi-point locking
  • Stay are adjustable up to 90°



  • Twin compression seals
  • Unrestricted access to french doors
  • Strong purpose designed colour matched flush hinges
  • Fixings concealed within frame to provide a clean appearance
  • Non-locking handles powder painted & colour matched* to the frame






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