Secondary glazing noise and sound insulation properties





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Secondary glazing noise and sound insulation properties



Secondary Glazing Products


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Lift out secondary glazing units



The Secondary Glazing Standard Lift Out is a removable secondary glazing panel within its own outer frame that is fixed to the face or reveal of the existing primary window.


The integral finger lift bar at the bottom of the panel allows it to be lifted up into the top of the secondary window outer frame and then swung inwards to facilitate removal.


If fire escape (fire egress) is required: opening width or height must be a minimum of 450mm together with a clear openable area of no less than 0.33m².



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Lift out secondary glazing units are widly used for a number of application for the easy of mainly cleaning.



  • in combination with other secondary double glazing in bay windows
  • over stained glass for insulation and protection



  • in combination with other secondary glazing units beside or above doors
  • for circular, semi-circular, arched or shaped windows


Sizes, Guidance & Restrictions



4mm clear float glass
6mm clear float glass

1200mm width x 2000mm height
2000mm width x 2200mm height


You can contact NLSG any time to find out more about our up-rated specifications to accommodate larger size secondary glazed windows - subject to safety considerations such as the weight of the secondary glazing lift-out panel for safe handling, the specific application and any potential detrimental effect on the units' performance.



Lift Out Secondary Glazing- Standard Product Range


  • black gaskets
  • 4mm clear float glass
  • easi-grip handle section
  • direct fixing subframe - 21mm x 45mm
  • white frames & sections
  • lifted up into the head for removal
  • integral timber subframe
  • reveal fixing subframe - 21mm x 62mm



Manufacturing Options


  • Van Dyke Brown powder coated finish
  • silver anodised finish
  • woodgrain effect powder coated finish
  • standard vent - for adjustable trickle ventilation 4000mm² requires additional 21mm sub frame at the head (total 42mm)
  • acoustic vent with integral fly-screen - for adjustable trickle ventilation 1600mm² requires additional 21mm sub frame at the head (total 42mm) - reveal fix only, requires internal clearance for the baffle - supplied complete with 60mm pre-routed cover architrave
  • integral timber sub frame for bay windows - angled one or both sides
  • chamfered timber sub frame on square bays for optimum sight line
  • without a timber sub frame
  • side to side for lift-out panel removal
  • Chubb locks for high security
  • white gaskets
  • 6 standard RAL Colours - pure white, ivory, cream, magnolia, grey, jet black
  • any non-standard RAL colour finish
  • glazing - from 4mm up to 11.5mm - for heat or noise insulation
  • shaped units - circular, semi circular, shaped, arched or Gothic heads



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