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Secondary glazing is a real alternative to window replacement. Original Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian windows may have lasted for hundreds of years, and they can last many more with simple maintenance. Secondary glazing improves acoustic insulation, thermal efficiency and can really help with condensation, increasing comfort, security, eco-efficiency and lowering energy bills.



Improving home security with secondary glazing



Benefits of secondary glazing security



Deters intruders

Blast mitigation

Protection against firearms

Preserves clean environments

Maintains a normaised environment

Provides a delay mechanism

Second barrier to entry

Removes the need for unsightly grilles







Secondary Glazing Products


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Secondary glazing noise and sound insulation properties



Secondary glazing noise and sound insulation properties



Secondary glazing noise and sound insulation properties

Why Use Secondary Glazing in Period Properties?


During the last few decades of the 20th century, modern replacement windows spoiled the appearance of thousands of old Georgian, Victorian, between & post war houses, flats and apartment blocks.

Additionally, poorly designed replacement windows have actually damaged many older properties, which were not designed to be completely sealed up, by:


  • reducing ventilation
  • trapping humidity
  • creating condensation traps




Why Secondary Windows - Why Not Replace Them?


The reasons for using a secondary window rather than a complete new window in traditional properties can be summarized as follows:



  • regulatory control – generally specified by Planning & Conservation Officers
  • aesthetics – secondary glazing does not spoil the appearance of an older property
  • protection of the fabric of the building
  • protection of the value of the property
  • costs of secondary glazing will be considerably less than replacements
  • environmental costs of secondary glazing are far lower than replacements, in terms of the manufacturing energy usage and the disposal of the original windows most old windows can actually be repaired when necessary, frequently they have been needlessly replaced



  • conservation - to survive both structurally and financially, old buildings need to remain in use but with improved thermal and noise insulation and better security
  • the value for money will be greatly increased by installing secondary glazing due to the reduced costs of upgrading
  • well maintained and insulated period properties are increasingly sought after
  • reduced energy costs will quickly return the investment
  • good quality secondary double glazing will be virtually invisible externally and extremely discrete internally