Secondary Glazing Security



Secondary windows offer an affordable, discreet, highly effective solution to enhancing building security. It creates a second barrier of protection from the inside that can prevent the most determined thief or protect the occupants from the effects of bomb blast.



Improving home security with secondary glazing



Benefits of secondary glazing security



Deters intruders

Blast mitigation

Protection against firearms

Preserves clean environments

Maintains a normaised environment

Provides a delay mechanism

Second barrier to entry

Removes the need for unsightly grilles







Secondary Glazing Products


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Secondary glazing noise and sound insulation properties



Secondary glazing noise and sound insulation properties



Secondary glazing noise and sound insulation properties

Risk Assessment


We can work directly with specifiers, clients and security consultants/risk assessors to help identify the risks and specify the appropriate solutions.

Protection against forced entry may be required for a whole building or only for specific areas - in either case we can bring our experience to bear and provide the right products.




Safety Solutions


Three steps to improving window security


  • Make your property more secure than neighbouring properties, thereby making it less of a target - window security is the number one priority
  • Anything that makes it more difficult, time consuming or noisy to gain entry is both a deterrent and also makes it less likely that a thief will successfully gain entry
  • If your property is occupied, then the more warning you have from the noise the more time you have to respond - call the police and lock yourself and your family into a bedroom




Safety Testing


We offer testing on a project by project and product by product basis once the specifications have been determined.

Testing is generally carried out at the British Board of Agrément in Garston, Hertfordshire, to the following Standards:


  • BS 7950 - 1997 Specification for enhanced security performance of casement & tilt/turn windows for domestic applications
  • BS 4873 - 2005 Specification for aluminium windows
  • BS 6510 - 2005 Specification for steel windows, sills, window boards & doors
  • LPS 1270 - (Draft) Burglary resistance of security glazing and glazing films
  • LPS 1175 - 2007 Specification for testing & classifying the burglary resistance of building components, strong-points & security enclosures – includes the Standards for Higher Risk Premises - Grades 1 to 6